Covid-19 Policy

The information and status surrounding COVID-19 is changing on a daily basis. We aim to provide you with the latest career and employment information relating to the virus, so please check our website regularly for key updates and changes.

We are aware of the recruitment challenges our clients are faced with and we want to assure you that we are here to support you through these uncertain times.

Cedar's approach to Covid-19

  • We are regularly reviewing the situation and changing our strategies and approach depending on the latest Government advice and guidance

  • Our Business Continuity Plan worked efficiently during the peak of the pandemic and helped to keep our operations running smoothly and efficiently.

  • We can assure you that our systems are set up to be used remotely so there will be limited impact on key functions.

  • We adhere to our individual client's policies and procedures regarding the virus.

  • We will independently assess the situation and ensure that the latest Government advice and guidance is followed whilst limiting the impact on our client business and operations.

  • We have adopted a hybrid working policy, allowing our employees to work from home when it suits them and limiting the need to travel during busy periods. However, we have a high level of trust and confidence in our technology systems to allow us to operate at full capacity and fulfill our client requirements.

  • Under no circumstances will we instruct candidates to attend work if they have the symptoms of a continuous cough and fever. We will refer the candidate to their local health authority for guidance and inform you that the candidate is unable to work, and we will work with you to find a replacement candidate if necessary.

We encourage you to keep abreast of the situation and the most reliable source is your local healthcare provider briefings through a government source: the Department of Health and Social Care.

Cedar is currently onboarding a large number of candidates on a daily basis, so if you are recruiting at the moment and need help filling roles, then please get in touch.

Thank you and we appreciate your continued support.