Procurement & Supply Chain

Cedar has been recruiting professionals in Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics since 2016, across Commerce and Industry and the Public Sector and as a result, have extensive market knowledge, and an exceptional network throughout the UK & Europe.

Whatever your need, our team will diligently listen to your requirements ensuring the recommended delivery solution is tailored to your business, be it a retained mandate or contingent assignment, professional entry-level or executive appointment, we will help you to secure the best talent in the market.

We have interim and contract specialists with pools of available talent for each of our core specialisms, meaning if you need a quick turnaround without compromise, we are on hand to support you.

Our reputation for recruiting high-quality candidates through integrity and professionalism is founded on the principle of properly representing your brand and business at all times.

Demand for procurement professionals continues to increase and recognition of the profession transitions from an operational to a strategic function, we understand the skills, qualities and characteristics needed from your procurement teams to deliver value to your business.

As the responsibilities attached to Procurement roles broadens, to encompass brand-defining decisions, risk management, sustainability, all while engendering board-level stakeholder buy-in, the biggest challenge may well be recruiting and then retaining the right talent to deliver your objectives.

Cedar Procurement can help you recruit individuals that not only ‘fit’ your organisation culturally but that becomes key to your success.

Direct Procurement

Direct procurement is the process of purchasing or obtaining raw materials, resources, goods and services that are utilised in the core operations of a business. The goods and services procured through the process of direct procurement ultimately find their way to the end customer or client of the business.

Industries covered: Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Industrial, Medical/Pharma, FMCG/Consumer.

Indirect / Corporate Procurement – UK

Sitting alongside or within Finance and reporting into the CFO as part of corporate function.

Indirect Procurement is the sourcing of all goods and services for a business to enable it to maintain and develop its operations e.g. IT, Marketing, Facilities Management, Consultancy, Legal, Audit, HR Contingent workforce etc

Industries covered: Retail, FMCG, Tech, Prof Services, FS, Industrial

Supply Chain Team

What is now clearly a core business function, Supply Chain Professionals are now leading the charge to help business pivot within the turbulent economic environment, driven by resource scarcity and ever-increasing consumer expectations.

The modern Supply Chain Manager must possess an armoury of strong interpersonal skills, not least empathy, tenacity, and adaptability, to navigate the changing commercial landscape. This, combined with the highly technical nature of most supply chain mandates has meant that demand is easily outstripping the supply of these singular professionals.

In response the scope and seniority of supply chain roles, and the work involved in recruiting for them.

Industries covered: Industrial: Automotive, Aerospace, General Manufacturing, Defence, Rail

Logistics Team

The Logistics sector has changed unrecognisably in the past few years, becoming increasingly technology-driven. Professionals who are able to innovate both tech and processes while remaining mindful of sustainability and efficiency goals are in high demand.

The need to find cost savings, reduce lead times and meet challenging global targets requires advanced automation and a highly sophisticated logistics infrastructure. But mostly, it requires experienced management and operational staff, with the ability to tap into these advancements and optimise processes to drive these cost efficiencies whilst maintaining the imperative DIFOT.

Key Industries: FMCG/Consumer/ E-commerce, 3PL/Transport, Industrial, Retail Medical/Pharmaceutical