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Expert Consultancy Services for Operations & Manufacturing

HF&C UK is a boutique management consulting firm, specialising in Procurement and Supply Chain support for automotive and manufacturing businesses, both OEM and Tier 1. With a skills shortage in the UK across these sectors, HF&C was founded to support businesses to achieve their full potential. Our service offering primarily focuses on value enhancement across our areas of expertise, identifying improvements to processes, and working practices, and scoping business deliverables, combined with the implementation of solutions. We consistently focus on value enhancement and act entrepreneurially to create sustainable added value for our client’s businesses, as well as our own.

The HF&C team of industry professionals are highly experienced, having held senior posts at international OEMs, and we offer strategic, tactical, and operational solutions to organisations of all sizes. With experience in both growth and turnaround businesses, we can provide leading industry insights and talent, to provide the best full service to you.



HF&C, support clients’ growth across 9 key areas:

  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability/ESG
  • Supplier Development
  • Quality in Manufacturing
  • Business Transformation
  • Supplier Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management
  • ERP Solutions

Across each core area, HF&C offer hand-tailored, industry-leading solutions to help accelerate your business operations to meet your objectives. Depending on a Client's needs, HF&C will address specific work programmes, such as cost reduction, supplier management, risk mitigation and more. They provide a full 360 analysis of your organisation to quickly map out the areas of improvement, benchmarked against competitors, and highlight the growth opportunities to give you a complete and accurate view of your organisation. As part of their assessment, they will provide a timeline of the programme of works needed to address any identified gaps, and bring your organisations’ operational activities to the level you desire, in terms of efficiency and efficacy.

As an integral part of the HF&C business principles, they will ensure that we can deliver all recommendations to provide the best service possible efficiently. HF&C oversee and manage solutions from inception to implementation, delivering rapid results through efficient project management.

​​With a proven track record, every member of HF&C is a highly knowledgeable leader, able to manage and deliver complex work programmes, whilst engaging collaboratively with your stakeholders. HF&C is delivery-focused and goal-orientated, priding themselves on their achievements and proven track record. With in-house tools at their disposal and a series of strategic partnerships, they can offer bespoke solutions for every need.

For reliable, informed, and talented insight reach out to our partner HF&C today to discover how they can unlock the potential of your business.

Cedar is the exclusive resourcing partner HF&C UK Ltd.

To find out about roles at HF&C, please contact Pete McNulty


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