Tax is increasingly on the agenda for CFOs and CEOs; the associated reputational risk and the ever changing economic and political climate mean companies need to be aware and in control of their tax position. The rewards of tax optimisation and the cost of getting it wrong are equally high, making it is no surprise we have seen a trend towards more and more businesses making this key hire.

Every business is different and has various goals and objectives, common examples include:

  • Significantly reducing professional services fees / getting value for money in these fees

  • Enhancing governance, processes and systems to ensure infrastructure is in place for growth/sale

  • Reducing risk - Transfer pricing, robust internal systems and controls

  • Business partnering/Optimising the tax position

  • Providing assurance and improving relationship and risk rating with HMRC

  • Proactive around changes and increasing complexity in tax legislation such as digital tax, Brexit impact on customs, WFH tax exposures, MTD

For more information, our latest blog explore why more and more clients are making this key hire.

If you would like would find it beneficial to find out more about the tax market or want to explore this as an option, please get in touch and we can set up an initial discussion.