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Britain's surprisingly diverse leadership battle

At Cedar, we're a diverse bunch, with diverse views, including our politics​. But looking at the current Government, it seems we're at an inflection point for all parties.

With the resignation of Boris Johnson, we now have the contest for a new Conservative Party leader and more importantly, a new Prime Minister.

What’s striking about this leadership contest is just how diverse the range of candidates is. In the final six, we had four women, three candidates from minority ethnic backgrounds, and only one white male.

Whatever you may feel about the party concerned (and their numerous parties), it does demonstrate that British Politics is now much more diverse and reflective of the UK population, a fact underlined by the equally diverse shadow cabinet.

Now that we’re down to the final two candidates, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, we know that the next Prime Minister will be either the first with Asian heritage or our third female in that position.

As we await the announcement on September the 5th, whoever wins, and whatever their background or gender, they will have a busy in-tray with Covid recovery, the cost-of-living crisis, and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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