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Remote working facilitates great conversations

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David Mendonca

Luckily for me I haven’t personally experienced clients cancel interviews so far, but unfortunately some companies who are most affected by current issues will have to. Industries such as travel and hospitality will be hit the hardest. We have already seen the decline of Flybe and many of the high street restaurant chains who we know were already struggling before this, could be soon to follow.

However, you always have to look out for the silver linings in these unprecedented situations and with the introduction of largely remote based workforces, I have experienced some interesting positives for not just my own job, but the recruitment industry as a whole.

On day 3 of our company implementing remote working from home, it has been increasingly easy to get things arranged and get a hold of people during working hours.

My experience so far:

  • Candidates that I usually struggle to get a hold of during working hours are now picking up the phone after 1 ring as they aren’t surrounded by colleagues.
  • Candidates are able to review emails, job specs and do online tests a lot quicker with no one sitting next to them seeing their computer screen during the day.
  • Candidates can attend video / telephone interviews during office hours as there are no restrictions on time and no travel either side to factor in.
  • Great candidates who weren’t previously looking but who are in sectors that are most affected, are now more open to new prospects and conversations with recruiters, as they may have a role in a different or more secure industry.
  • At Cedar we pride ourselves on meeting face to face to fully understand our candidates and client, but adapting our ways during this difficult time has made us utilise the technology that is at our disposal.

Don’t get me wrong I prefer to meet people in person when I can, but when travel is an issue, I am hoping clients and candidates in the future will turn more and more to video conferencing as a longer term solution.

The conclusion? It has never been easier to get hold of people at this time, so with the use of technology if you do need to hire someone this could be your quickest interview process.

So be smart, stay positive and stay safe out there!

David Mendonca, Head of Recently Qualified Finance