Lauren Druce Promoted to Director

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The path to Director has been a four year journey fraught with numerous challenges, heady highs, and disappointing lows. This is the lifecycle that any recruitment consultant quickly learns to expect and accept. For more than a decade I have operated in a marketplace that has experienced multiple recessions and some very difficult economic conditions. As we enter into a new phase where there appears to be a more buoyant market than we have seen for quite some time, it is fair to say that recruitment is a very exciting place to be right now.


Being a Director at Cedar does not change the day job. The blood sweat and tears continue to play an integral part of any day but the pinnacle for me is the opportunity to play an even more meaningful role in developing and implementing Cedar’s strategic direction and supporting our continued growth trajectory over the coming years. This is the most exciting and rewarding part of the promotion to Partner and I look forward to assuming my role as the newest member of Cedar’s leadership team.


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